Retail decision making
for the 21st century

Make faster and more accurate assortment and space decisions to improve shoppability, reduce waste, simplify operations and increase profitability

Use the FLOW Insights platform and data collection tools to:  

Harvest data and Visualize insights

Analyze and Optimize performance

Build and Test ideas and recommendations

Share and Collaborate with stakeholders


  • Stand-alone, no integrations required
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Realogram
  • Planogram with collaboration features
  • Agile testing capabilities
  • Import and visualize custom datasets
  • Managed services 


  • Stand-alone, no integrations required
  • In-store research platform 
  • Highly accurate and validated interaction data
  • Agile testing capabilities
  • Rapid deployment and calibration 
  • Pioneering privacy by design, built for GDPR 
  • Global field experience

Investing early at the decision stage improves the chance of success and saves time, resources and money at the high risk implementation stage.


We currently partner with retailers primarily within grocery, pharmacy, convenience and beauty

  • Optimize assortment
  • Optimize space (planograms and floorplans)
  • Establish internal go-to authority for insights
  • Improve collaboration with top suppliers


We currently partner with brands primarily within grocery, pharmacy, convenience and beauty:

  • Optimize current portfolio
  • Build business cases for innovations
  • Category projects with top retailers
  • Shopper Insights 

"The partnership with FLOW Insights has provided us with unique shopper insights. The tool does not only give information on what is purchased, but also what is not purchased and the way to the result. We feel very well taken care of as a client, and look forward to continuing working together."

Category manager, large Nordic CPG

"For the first time, companies can objectively and comprehensively measure how products are interacted with on the shelf."

- Shopper research authority, US University

"FLOW Insights is world leading in capturing and analyzing shopper behaviour in stores"

McKinsey Global Senior Partner