We understand your concerns as a retailer – you strive to create an establishment that is attractive and efficient for shoppers while simultaneously maximising revenue and delivering business value. This is no easy task, but thanks to Flow Insights’ technology, perhaps it is a little easier.


Retailers all around the world successfully use and benefit from Flow Insights’ technology to create retail stores of the future.



Here are some examples of how they do so:

  • Shelf space is a limited, valuable resource – which is why it’s important to optimise it. Retailers are doing so by conducting thorough A-B Testing on shelves using our cutting-edge Shelf Interaction tool. This has helped them build business cases, optimise merchandising, increase shoppability and unlock more value from each customer through deep shopper insights. An optimised shelf is a win-win situation for all involved stakeholders, both in terms of shopping experience and business returns.
  • Gaining detailed insights on shopper movement and interactions through your store using The Flow Insights Storetool. This intelligence can maximise the business potential of the store, help strategy development and identification of opportunities for growth. It is also a valuable tool in understanding the natural path of the shopper and hence how different product zones should be placed for maximum benefit.
  • Developing a simple yet crucial view to shopper footfalls using the Flow Shopper Counter. This can help quantify the store’s success, measure the impact of campaigns on footfalls and allow resource planning basis footfalls.
  • It is in the interest of the retailer, brand owners and shoppers to have minimal out of stock products. The Flow Out of Stock tool is designed specifically this by offering retail analytics that monitor Out of Stock situations over time on a SKU-level accuracy. These insights find applications while planning space allocation for different products and quantities being ordered.


Flow Insights tools are standardized to current tasks, but can also be customized to suit your business needs – we are committed to helping you find the right answers. Invest to understand your shopper and store like never before – and hence maximize your tangible business value.


Marketing manager, Large European Retailer with more than 2000 stores

"With the Shopper Flow Analysis, we not only learn where and how shoppers move in the store, but also where they show interest and interact with our products. Flow Insights is unique in this offering, and we are very satisfied with the projects we have done together."

Operations Manager, large Nordic furniture retailer

"With people counters from Flow Insights we get everything delivered as a service and avoid expensive investments in hardware, installation, maintenance and support. Flow fixes everything before we get the results easily reported in our own systems. This is a solution that fits us perfectly!"






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