Shelf Interaction

Infinitely More Powerful & Relevant Than Cashier Data

This revolutionary tool provides deep shopper insights and drives retail success by analyzing shoppers physical interactions with products. This is infinitely more powerful and relevant than the current tools in the market, and enables smarter retail strategies than ever before.


The Moment of Truth is the few seconds when shoppers are deciding in front of the shelf. All shopper transactions happen here. While cashier data gives a perspective of what shoppers ended up buying, it does not tell us the story leading up to the purchase. Just like Amazon Go, the Flow Insights Shelf Interaction tool is built on fundamental shopper interaction data, while fully protecting shoppers’ privacy. The Shelf Interaction Tool, also dubbed “Shopper Insights on Steroids”, provides the most comprehensive, objective and granular data on the Moment of Truth in the market today.


Here are some real life examples of how clients are using our Shelf Interaction tool to do real life A/B testing and build their business cases:

  • Capability building through deep shopper behavior insights
  • Strategic innovations
  • Optimized merchandising
  • Shopper based product packaging design
  • Improved Shoppability: the right products at the right shelf location with less friction
  • Smarter retail decisions for product mix, packaging, pricing strategies, promotions and more


The Flow Insights Shelf Interaction tool is standardized to current tasks, but can also be customized to suit your business needs – if you have questions, we can help you find answers. Invest to understand your shopper at the shelf better and optimize your chance of retail success.

Privacy has been a core value at Flow Insights since inception and we were GDPR compliant years before the law. Our business model does not rely on any personal information at any stage in the value chain, so we are not interested in who shoppers are. Shopper privacy is paramount for all our solutions.






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