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Real Life Business Intelligence

This simple, accurate and effective retail solution plugs directly to our platform and allows you to measure shopper traffic through footfalls to your store at different times


Shoppers are at the heart of any retail establishment, and to make the correct business decisions, it is important to have the accurate intelligence on them. A fundamental but highly valuable tool in this regard is the Flow Insights Shopper Counter. This tool is a simple web based retail solution that connects directly to our platform to offer retail analytics data at your fingertips.


Some specific ways in which our clients are using the Flow Shopper Counters include:

  • Quantifying the store’s success – calculating the conversion ratio and average sale per footfall
  • Understanding shopper footfall patterns across time / days
  • Measuring the impact of campaigns on shopper footfalls
  • Planning resourcing basis shopper counts


As our customer, you don’t need to invest in any expensive equipment or installation, and we will take care of all the technical things – including maintenance and support.

Privacy has been a core value at Flow Insights since inception and we were GDPR compliant years before the law. Our business model does not rely on any personal information at any stage in the value chain, so we are not interested in who shoppers are. Shopper privacy is paramount for all our solutions.






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