Out of Stock

Minimizing Out of Stock Losses

This retail analytics tool is a solution to monitor out of stock situations in the shelf, and enables a deeper understanding of how to minimize losses.


In any store, the amount of shelf space is fixed. Naturally, the objective of the retailer is to maximize value generated from this limited space and our retail solution helps you with exactly that. Out of Stocks are a retailer’s enemy in this regard. They create a ripple effect of negative outcomes, starting with affecting purchases and hence directly impacting the brand / retailer’s sales.


The undesirable impact on shopper satisfaction levels is also a real concern. Quite the paradox, the most popular products in the shelves also have the highest risk of going out of stock.


Minimizing Out of Stocks is an easy win for any brand / retailer for growing their business. The Flow Out of Stock tool is designed to address this precise requirement. This tool offers retail analytics that monitor Out of Stock situations over time on a SKU-level accuracy.


An important application of this retail technology tool is in evaluating stocking procedures and space allocation for different products.

Privacy has been a core value at Flow Insights since inception and we were GDPR compliant years before the law. Our business model does not rely on any personal information at any stage in the value chain, so we are not interested in who shoppers are. Shopper privacy is paramount for all our solutions.






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