Scrutinize Shopper Behavior In a Store Area

This tool will help you plan for retail success by getting quick insights on the customer journey inside a specific area of your physical retail store.


There is a pattern behind how shoppers move around in a store, access different shelves and buy products. Understanding these customer journey patterns as a science is integral to maximising value for the retailer, the brands owners and the shopper.


The Flow Insights Store tool is designed to help you get quick insights on shopper movement throughout your store and where shoppers are interacting with products. This intelligence can go a long way in supporting strategy, identifying growth opportunities and maximising business potential. We can map a full retail store, or a specific area within a larger store.


Some examples in which our clients use this tool to grow their business:

  • Powerful A/B testing in the store  – understanding improvement scope and rebuilding the store to improve shoppability and performance
  • Decoding the natural shopper path in the store to understanding how to place zones to maximise potential value
  • Simplifying the store layout to ensure the shopper finds what they need efficiently (“shoppability”)
  • Understanding differences in shopping patterns of different demographic groups, and using this information for targeted strategy
  • Maximize business value with the current shopper footfalls by addressing Lost Shoppers – those who enter but leave without buying anything and are hence a missed opportunity


The Flow Insights Shopper Flow tool helps you re-imagine shopper movement in your store. By generating quick and relevant value, it is a preferred starting point for many retailers looking to optimize their floor plans for the retailing of the future.

Privacy has been a core value at Flow Insights since inception and we were GDPR compliant years before the law. Our business model does not rely on any personal information at any stage in the value chain, so we are not interested in who shoppers are. Shopper privacy is paramount for all our solutions.






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