What do you do?

Through superior insights and the world´s most agile testing tools, we enable faster and more accurate decisions for all players in the physical retail environment.

Who are you?

We are a tightly knit team of technology and retail enthusiasts

When to contact us?

If you need deeper insights before an in-store or on-shelf decision, or want to test the effect before full scale implementation. We are analyzing everything from product design to store concepts.

Is this like Amazon Go?

Yes, but for shelf level and minus the checkout part. We are focusing on the insights, not on the identification and transaction. 

Do you work with both retailers and brands?


Which sectors do you work with? Grocery? Convenience?

FLOW Insights work in all sectors of retail where shoppers are interacting with products – grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience and premium cosmetic stores are just some areas we have worked for. 

Are you funded by any players in the retail industry?

No. FLOW insights is completely independent and is mostly self-funded.

Where do you work?

We are continuously doing projects around the world

What will we be charged for?

One part technology licence, one part data collection/mining/modelling/analysis and one part consultancy.

How about shopper privacy?

Privacy has been a core value at Flow Insights since inception and we were GDPR compliant years before the law. Our business model does not rely on any personal information at any stage in the value chain, so we are not interested in who shoppers are. Shopper privacy is paramount for all our solutions.

Do you offer partnerships?

Yes. If you are working closely with top tier retailers or brands, please get in touch and we will revert quickly. 

Are you hiring / do you have any available positions?

Yes. Please get in touch if you are interested in machine learning, computer vision, data science (from clean data to insights), or is a highly skilled retail executive with experience from either a retailer or brand.

We are developing a new sensor, can you test it or use it?

Maybe. We are testing all sorts of technology, and are happy to get in touch. We can quickly identify commercial use cases.