As a brand owner, it is crucial to get the best out of the retail setting for your brand – in terms of how the brand shows up for the shopper as well as business value it generates. Moreover, it needs to fight competition and justify its shelf space to retailers.


Flow Insights is helping diverse brand owners all over the world with these precise requirements by providing deep insights about shoppers, products and brands.


Here are some examples of how our technology is being successfully applied:

  • Deep insights from A/B Testing in shelves using our cutting-edge Shelf Interaction tool. Use this intelligence to maximise business for your brand through different avenues – for example, identifying the best shelf placement for your brand and evaluating the performance of different elements of the product mix in shelf.
  • Help shoppers to find and choose your brand faster, more efficiently and with less confusion. This will make shoppers happy – and they will in turn reward your brand with potentially increased loyalty and spends. Moreover, deep understanding of the shopper and shopping behaviour will help bridge the knowledge gap between who is shopping and how they shop.
  • Unleash the latent potential of your brand in the shelf by a thorough understanding of ‘interaction data’ – products which are being picked up by shoppers and then returned – to grow business value. In addition, minimise out of stocks for your brand using The Flow Out of Stock tool which is designed to offer retail analytics over time on a SKU-level accuracy
  • Use Flow’s insights and data to win against competitor brands – understand your strengths against them and their weakness in the shelf that your brand can leverage.
  • Product innovation is crucial to breathing new life into the brand from time to time. We help you ensure that your innovation is relevant, focussed and has maximum chances of succeeding – through an understanding opportunities for strategic innovation, deep insights on the performance of innovations launched competitor brands and evaluation of your own innovative launches.


Category Manager, Large Nordic CPG

"The partnership with Flow Insights has provided us with unique shopper insights. The tool does not only give information on what is purchased, but also what is not purchased and the way to the result. We feel very well taken care of as a client, and look forward to continuing working together."






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