Actionable intelligence all the way from store level to product level.

Flow Insights have a proven toolbox with different data collection technology for different purposes. We work with everything from single purpose people counters to sophisticated sensor solutions for planogram optimisation. But we don´t do technology for the sake of technology - proper data collection is just a necessity to produce deep, valuable and actionable shopper insights. 

  • Maximise shopper efficiency  
  • Merchandise according to dimensions that matter to the shopper 
  • Reduce shopper confusion 
  • Aid shopper navigation and activation
  • Minimize clutter
  • Convert unrealised demand into purchase

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We do not offer any solutions that do not adhere to Nordic privacy laws.


“The reports we received were precise and easy to grasp, and made it simple for us to initiate improvements. The improvements gave an immediate effect.”
— Store Development Manager, large Nordic retailer
“We are very pleased with the product interaction research Flow Insights has done for us. They have a good customer understanding and have delivered great analyses that enabled us to understand the category through new and exiting insights, which helped us make the right decisions.”
— Trade and Category Manager, large Nordic manufacturer

Shopper Flow Analysis: 
Find out how your customers behave, from when they enter the door until they leave. Actionable metrics are provided through Flow Insights software. Very easy to set up and get started, with all the vital KPI´s included in the report. No video is stored.

Shopper/Shelf Analysis: 
Improve your shelf, planograms, product range and merchandising or test new designs. Measure actual interaction with the shelf on SKU level, without comprimising on privacy. No video is stored. 

Single purpose counters and sensors: 
A wide range of solutions from simple counters to more advanced systems. 

“You can not improve what you can not measure.”